Here is a sampling of testimonials from Florida Elder Law Attorneys who have used EPIC to help their elder law clients:

John Clardy, Esq.
Crystal River

“I have worked with EPIC regularly over the last 10 years with numerous clients looking for a no- hassle approach to purchasing and owning income producing property.  Epic has consistently provided prompt and reliable service.  I would certainly recommend EPIC to any attorney looking for an income producing property solution for their client”


Howard S. Krooks, Esq.
Aventura, West Palm, Boca Raton

 “Over the past ten years, EPIC has provided more than 50 of our clients with a medicaid planning tool to preserve assets while qualifying their loved ones for Medicaid benefits. EPIC has always provided prompt and efficient documentation and services, both during the application process and after death.  I would recommend that medicaid planning attorneys consider using EPIC as one of several medicaid planning tools in appropriate cases.”


Beth Prather, Esq.
Fort Meyers

“In the 10 years I have been working with EPIC, each and every one of my clients that entered into a relationship with EPIC has been successful in securing the long term care services she or he required through Medicaid, while being able to provide a legacy for his or her loved ones.  Emma Hemness and David Midgett, EPIC’s principals, have been responsive to my clients’ needs and are consummate professionals.

If your client wishes to pursue the income producing planning option to achieve Medicaid eligibility, and prefers not to be a landlord with all of the consequent responsibilities, EPIC represents the best option.”


Susan M. King, Esq.
Boca Raton

“Late in the afternoon of the third day before the last business day of the month, I met with clients who were interested in utilizing EPIC’s comprehensive services.   Because they had some concerns, I contacted David Midgett for answers to my clients’ questions.

At 7:00 p.m. that evening, my clients made a decision to move forward with EPIC.  In spite of the fact that Jessie was leaving for vacation within 30 hours of receiving my request, she was going to make sure that I received all of the documents my clients needed to sign prior to her leaving for vacation. She provided everything I needed in order to tell my client what would be necessary to make this happen on their behalf.

My clients were ecstatic when I told them they would not have to wait another month in order for their father to meet eligibility requirements, which saved them thousands of dollars.

This type of “can do” attitude and client service was truly remarkable. Not only did EPIC help me save my clients thousands of dollars, their quick response and seamless process made me look like a superlawyer!”

Elizabeth Allen, Esq

“This was my first time with EPIC, and it was a great experience.

Definitely will recommend this to future clients.

You made the process very easy and the speed that it was all done was incredible.”