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For ten years, Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC (EPIC) has provided turn key rental property solutions for the clients of Florida Elder Law Attorneys.  We have helped over 90 attorneys find suitable properties for over 700 clients.

  Elder Law Attorneys                    .

If you are a Florida Elder Law Attorney, we would be happy to help you and your client use income producing property to meet specific planning objectives.  Please register for our free Member Only Content.  Or, if you prefer, contact Emma Hemness at 813-661-LAWS for more information about EPIC, its services, or a brochure.

  Clients of Elder Law Attorneys    .

If you are a client of a Florida Elder Law attorney, please ask your attorney for our brochure or information.  We are not able to discuss planning strategies directly with people seeking elder law services; however, your attorney can schedule a joint telephone conference with you, the attorney and Emma Hemness or Jessie Devereaux.

  Non-Clients                                   .

If you are not currently working with a Florida Elder Law Attorney, you must retain counsel BEFORE we will be able to work with you.  The planning strategies in this area of the law are complicated, and only suited for people who have the advice, assistance and experience of a Florida Elder Law Attorney.

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Again, if you are a Florida elder law attorney (or staff member) <CLICK HERE> to register for your free password to access the Member-Only content of this site.

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